Decontamination & Structure Cleaning

Decontamination & Structure Cleaning View Brochure More Services At Fire-Fox, we specialise in decontamination and structure cleaning following fires and floods, in preparation for building repairs and reoccupation.¬† Our highly trained staff handles, coordinates and facilitates all aspects of the decontamination process with professionalism and care, understanding the intrusion this process can represent in your […]

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery View Brochure More Services Experiencing a fire or flood is a devastating experience for any individual, family or business. Your personal belongings and premises can suffer significant damage, leading to overwhelming stress and anxiety. Our company exists to help you recover efficiently, compassionately, and professionally, restoring your life to a pre-disaster state. Disaster […]

Fabric Protection

FabricProtection View Brochure More Services At Fire-Fox, we understand the importance of preserving the pristine condition of your fabrics. Our top-of-the-line fabric protection service, using MasterGuard fabric protection, ensures your upholstery, carpets, and orientals remain beautiful and durable for years to come. View Brochure MasterGuard fabric protection is a cutting-edge treatment that contains polymers to […]

Flood & Moisture Extraction

Flood & Moisture Extraction View Brochure More Services Floods from burst geysers, leaks, or heavy rain can happen suddenly, causing significant headaches. Immediate action is crucial to prevent further damage to your property and belongings. Our first step is to stop the water flow and extract excess water from affected areas. Removing or lifting movable […]


Logistics View Brochure More Services At Fire-Fox, we are equipped to manage any disaster, handling multiple large-loss events simultaneously with our extensive resources. From initial assessment to final restoration, our experienced team ensures a seamless process aimed at returning you to a pre-disaster condition swiftly and effectively. View Brochure By managing every detail with expertise […]

Spec-Tank Degreasing

Spec-Tank Degreasing View Brochure More Services Over time, fats and oils accumulate on cooking equipment and utensils, forming a hard, carbon-like crust that is difficult to remove, especially in hard-to-reach areas like handles, corners, and crevices. Regular cleaning is essential to prevent this build-up, but conventional methods often fall short, requiring harsh chemicals and extensive […]

Restoration & Refurbishment

Restoration & Refurbishment View Brochure More Services At Fire-Fox, we address restoration and refurbishment through refined techniques. As structure repairs progress, we conduct thorough quality inspections and arrange secure storage for your belongings. Upon completion of site works, we meticulously coordinate the return and repositioning of all restored items, guided by detailed photographic references gathered […]

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning View Brochure More Services Ultrasonic cleaning harnesses high-frequency sound waves to agitate liquids in an ultrasonic cleaning bath. While water alone suffices for some, Fire-Fox uses specialised cleaning solvents to effectively remove stubborn contaminants from a wide range of objects and surfaces. From delicate jewellery and lenses to robust mechanical components and ceramics, […]


Ozoning View Brochure More Services After a fire or flood, your property can be left with persistent, unpleasant odours caused by smoke, soot, excess water, mud, and mould. These smells can linger in cracks and cavities, making them difficult to eliminate. Ozoning is an effective solution to neutralise these odours. Ozone, generated from electrically charged […]