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Ozone is generated from electrically charged oxygen. After a fire or flood disaster, your property and contents can be left with unpleasant smells. Excess water & mud sinks into cracks & cavities allowing for strong odors & fungi such as mold, algae & decay. Fire disaster can leave behind smoke & soot residue which leaves behind an odor that will need to be neutralized by a unique cleaning method such as ozoning.

365 Day Rapid Emergency Response

Standard ozone generators utilize ambient air (which contains only 21% oxygen of volume available) as input gas for conversion to ozone, bearing in mind that the effectiveness of ozone is proportional to its concentration. FIRE-FOX’s ozone generators have been specially designed to incorporate an oxygen concentrate producing an input gas of 98% pure oxygen for conversion to ozone. Due to a high concentration of ozone produced, our ozone generators are capable of neutralizing even the most severe odors over a more extensive area ratio in a much shorter space of time.

In most cases where structure repairs are still underway, we facilitate a quality inspection of all the restoration works and arrange storage until structure repairs are completed. At the conclusion of the site works, FIRE-FOX will arrange to return all successfully restored items to the site and methodologically coordinate all unpacking and repositioning using photographic references accumulated during the initial pack-up phase.

Types of Damage

Smoke, soot & contaminated air. 

Mildew, mould & fungal contamination resulting from humidity or a slow drying process.

Fridges, cold rooms & butchers

Disaster Recovery is a job for professionals and while there are a few companies in the Disaster Recovery profession, your insurance company or appointed loss adjuster (independent assessor) has the task of securing the services of a professional who will be ready to respond with an immediate site inspection and commence with the recovery process.

Old Buildings, basements & smoking areas.

Urine, decaying waste from refuse holding zones. 

Curtains, blinds, upholstery, carpets, artworks, shoes & clothing.

We make way for the Restoration process as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Carried out by our fully trained and qualified staff

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"I was staggered at how, from the beginning, you reassured & explained the entire process to me & then went back to our home & put everything back in its place without me even having to lift a finger!"
Annette Griffiths
Aries Recruitment
"I found Roy Botha and his team to be highly efficient whilst also providing excellent follow-up and after-sales service. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Fire-Fox to anyone."
Anya Ponton
The Waterclub Association
"We have found Fire-Fox to be ethical, efficient, and approachable. They kept to promised contact times, dates & deadlines. They stayed in contact with us, the brokers, the client & the insurers at all times."
Pam Durrant
Pheonix Risk Solutions
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