Experiencing a fire or flood is a devastating experience for any individual, family or business. Your personal belongings and premises can suffer significant damage, leading to overwhelming stress and anxiety. Our company exists to help you recover efficiently, compassionately, and professionally, restoring your life to a pre-disaster state.

Disaster recovery requires professional expertise. Your insurance company or loss adjuster will secure a qualified professional to respond immediately with site inspection and recovery services.

During clean-up and repairs, you may be displaced from your home or business while site clean-up and structure repairs are underway. If severe damage or contamination occurs, your belongings will be safely transported to a fully equipped and secure restoration facility.

At Fire-Fox, we understand the invasion of privacy that disaster recovery can entail. Our trustworthy team approaches each job with care and empathy, handling your belongings with discretion and respect.

To assist with your insurance claim, and provide peace of mind, we provide a detailed inventory of recovered items, including photographic references upon request. Our goal is to become the leading disaster recovery service in the Western Cape, guided by our values of accountability and ethical practices.

Frequently Asked

What we offer

Disaster Recovery is where we initiate site clean- up and structure repairs where the presence of moisture, soot & smoke contaminants make it impossible for our clients to continue their daily routine.

If the damage is too severe or the premises too contaminated, your contents will need to be recovered, packed-up, and transported to a fully equipped and secure restoration facility. We understand that Disaster Recovery contractors are never fully welcomed as it seems like an invasion of one’s privacy for which someone is never really prepared. Our team of trustworthy individuals is mindful in approaching each job with the utmost discretion & care.

Fire-Fox handles, facilitates, and co-ordinates every facet of the recovery process. This includes the packing up and transporting of contents to our fully secure, fully equipped warehouse facility.

Disaster Recovery is a job for professionals and while there are a few companies in the Disaster Recovery profession, your insurance company or appointed loss adjuster (independent assessor) has the task of securing the services of a professional who will be ready to respond with an immediate site inspection and commence with the recovery process.