Flood & Moisture Extraction

Floods from burst geysers, leaks, or heavy rain can happen suddenly, causing significant headaches. Immediate action is crucial to prevent further damage to your property and belongings. Our first step is to stop the water flow and extract excess water from affected areas. Removing or lifting movable items from wet surfaces helps minimise further damage during the drying process.

At Fire-Fox, we ensure rapid response and efficient water damage control. Using advanced moisture detection technology, we accurately assess saturation levels and determine the necessary drying scope. Our industrial pick-up vacuums and range of drying equipment provide high-volume water extraction and maximum drying results in the shortest time possible, preparing your property for further restoration.

Services Included

What we do

Quick response times to minimise damage and begin the drying process.

Our qualified staff removes damaged flooring as required.

Advanced techniques to eliminate odours effectively.

Utilising the latest moisture extraction technology for optimal drying.

Detailed moisture assessments and reports based on decades of experience.

Preventing mould and further contamination for efficient restoration.

Ensuring thorough drying with the removal of kick-plates by our trained staff.