After a fire or flood, your property can be left with persistent, unpleasant odours caused by smoke, soot, excess water, mud, and mould. These smells can linger in cracks and cavities, making them difficult to eliminate. Ozoning is an effective solution to neutralise these odours.

Ozone, generated from electrically charged oxygen, permanently destroys odour-causing molecules on contact, unlike other methods that merely mask the smell. Our advanced ozone generators use 98% pure oxygen to produce high concentrations of ozone, ensuring efficient and thorough odor neutralisation even in extensive areas.

At Fire-Fox, we go beyond ozoning. During structure repairs, we conduct quality inspections and arrange storage for your belongings. Once repairs are complete, we return and carefully unpack your restored items, ensuring everything is repositioned accurately using photographic references from the initial pack-up phase. Our ozoning services restore freshness and cleanliness to your property, helping you move forward after a disaster.

Ozoning Applications

What we do

Smoke, soot and contaminated air.

Mildew, mould and fungal contamination resulting from humidity or a slow drying process.

Fridges, cold rooms and butcheries.

Old buildings, basements and smoking areas.

Urine, decaying waste from refuse holding zones.

Curtains, blinds, upholstery, carpets, artworks, shoes and clothing.