Spec-Tank Degreasing

Over time, fats and oils accumulate on cooking equipment and utensils, forming a hard, carbon-like crust that is difficult to remove, especially in hard-to-reach areas like handles, corners, and crevices. Regular cleaning is essential to prevent this build-up, but conventional methods often fall short, requiring harsh chemicals and extensive scrubbing.

Our Spec-tank cleaning system offers a superior alternative. By using non-toxic, non-corrosive additives in water, heated in a temperature-controlled spec-tank, we create a biodegradable solution that effectively removes stubborn carbon deposits and fat build-up. This method cleans thoroughly without damaging your equipment.

At Fire-Fox, our custom-made stainless steel spec-tank is designed for degreasing industrial cooking equipment, including gas cookers, chip fryers and baskets, pots, pans, and various utensils. We have successfully de-carbonised and cleaned fire-damaged catering equipment for the insurance industry, restoring them to optimal condition.