Spec-Tank Degreasing

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How it works

FIRE-FOX’S custom-made stainless steel spec-tank facilitates the degreasing of industrialized cooking equipment from gas cookers; chip fryers and baskets; pots & pans to various cooking utensils. We have successfully de-carbonized and cleaned fire damaged catering equipment for insurance industries.

What is spec-tank degreasing?

The spec-tank cleaning system is an alternative solution to cleaning methods that require the use of harsh chemicals and/or scrubbing. Adding purpose-made, non-toxic, non-corrosive additives to water heated in a temperature-controlled spec-tank produces a biodegradable solution that successfully removes stubborn carbon deposits & fat build-up contaminants that conventional methods are unable to remove without damaging cleaned surfaces

Why use spec-tank degreasing?

The build-up of fats and oils on cooking equipment and utensils can become a problem without regular cleaning between uses. Fat build-up soon turns into carbon like crust and becomes hard, making it impossible to remove; especially around handles, corners and crevices.

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