Ultra-Sonic Cleaning

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How it works

A specialized cleaning method. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built with some of the best names in the insurance industry. For this reason, we provide continuous training for all our staff at FIRE-FOX. We not only utilize an unparalleled amount of expertise in carrying out specialist works but we also provide a thorough knowledge of the admin requirements demanded of the business.

365 Day Rapid Emergency Response

Ultrasonic Cleaning features high frequency sound waves through a specialised solution to create vibrations that scrub an object to remove debris and other stubborn substances that are otherwise impossible to remove. Bursting cavitation bubbles induced by the agitation is the action that penetrates blind holes, cracks & recesses with the intention to thoroughly remove all traces of contamination tightly adhering to or embedded into solid surfaces.

An ultrasonic Cleaning bath is used for this method of cleaning and although most companies use this cleaning method with water only, FIRE-FOX uses appropriate purpose-made cleaning solvents that enhance the cleaning effect. We utilise the most advanced specialised cleaning methods and tools within our industry which is why we are used by some of the best insurance companies to date.

Dust; rust; oil; pigments; dirt; grease; algae; fungi; bacteria; lime scale; flux agents; polishing compounds; fingerprints; mould; release agents and biological soils like human waste and blood.

Jewelry; lenses; CD’s; surgical instruments; tools; coins; mechanical components; metals; plastics; glass; rubber; fabrics; ceramics.


There are certain things to anticipate within specific time periods after a disaster. Our services are a crucial part of the disaster recovery process as we work hand-in-hand with your loss-adjusters and insurers.

In most cases where structure repairs are still underway, we facilitate a quality inspection of all the restoration works and arrange storage until structure repairs are completed. At the conclusion of the site works, FIRE-FOX will arrange to return all successfully restored items to the site and methodologically coordinate all unpacking and repositioning using photographic references accumulated during the initial pack-up phase.

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"I was staggered at how, from the beginning, you reassured & explained the entire process to me & then went back to our home & put everything back in its place without me even having to lift a finger!"
Annette Griffiths
Aries Recruitment
"I found Roy Botha and his team to be highly efficient whilst also providing excellent follow-up and after-sales service. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Fire-Fox to anyone."
Anya Ponton
The Waterclub Association
"We have found Fire-Fox to be ethical, efficient, and approachable. They kept to promised contact times, dates & deadlines. They stayed in contact with us, the brokers, the client & the insurers at all times."
Pam Durrant
Pheonix Risk Solutions